Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My Avatar

Avatar One
For my first avatar I used a website that I found on my own. I used this website because it was fairly simple to work and it allowed you to make your avatar as realistic as possible.
  Strength of website: makes you look realistic
  Weakness of website: doesn't give a lot of examples for hair.


Avatar Two
For my second avatar I used a website that allowed you to become an animal. The animal that I chose was a cat because they are one of my favourite animals and at times they can be very lazy and I can relate to that feeling quite a bit.
  Strength of website: allowed you to become different types animals
  Weakness of website: only allowed you to create the most common animals


Avatar Three
For my third avatar I used a website that allowed me to look like a bobble head version of myself. It allowed me to actually look like a person and it also allowed me to have actual clothes.
  Strength of website: makes you look somewhat realistic
  Weakness of website: makes you look like a bobble head


Avatar Four
For my fourth avatar I used a website that was suggested on the robotics website. It wasn't my favourite out of all the websites that I experimented with but it did get the job done.
  Strength of website: had a wide variety of avatars to chose from
  Weakness of website: not everything was available to all characters


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  2. Some very good avatars and you have identified strengths and weaknesses of the software but at times not clear about the function you are talking about. You were required to identify the characteristics of your personality for each avatar.

  3. No evidence you completed Photoshop work in my absence!! Why not?