Sunday, 27 November 2016


About Me:

When creating my 'About Me' on Scratch I came across a few complications but I worked them all out. Despite this I managed to get it all done and I even had a chance to put in an animated sprite. 
I am most proud of adding new characters into my scratch board because I didn't really like the ones that they had given us to start off with and then I realised that you could add your own, you just had to look them up. 

I got stuck on how to move my sprits the way that I wanted them too. I became unstuck by asking my classmates for help.

Next, I might try and make them all move at the same time or even at different intervals but without clicking them. 

What I discovered from looking at others' About ME projects is that the possibilities are endless in what you can do. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Dancing Robot: Scott Jr

During this project my role was to program the robot and to create the webspiration. This whole process took about 4 weeks to complete. During this time we had to think of a song and program our robot so it could ‘dance’ to that song for no more than a minute. Problems that I faced included loosing our programming and our robot falling off the table and shattering into pieces. We overcame these problems by taking screenshots of our programming whenever we had finished a part and by taking our time to put the robot back together perfectly. I believe Stephanie and I did a pretty good job considering we had four failed attempts of our bricks working. We were able to finish before the completion time and our dance fit quite well with the music. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Kenneth - Ultrasonic Sensor

Today my partner and I were asked to add an ultrasonic sensor onto the front of our robot, which we had made a few lessons prier.
We then had a few complications while trying to accomplish the finished product.
At first we were able to program our robot without any hassle, we were even able to film the outcome.
Although not long after our brink started to muck up every time we tried to program something new into it. We tried to shut it down multiple times but nothing would work, but thank goodness we recorded everything before hand.

Scott Jr - touch sensor

Today in class we were assigned to attach a touch sensor onto our robot, Scott Jr. My partner and I struggled at first because we couldn't get our brick to work but we over came that by finding one that actually worked. We then couldn't find a way to attach the touch sensor because the pictures of the robot in the guide were a little different than our robot. In the end we were able to both attach the touch sensor and use it effectively.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The creating of Wall-E

Andrew Staton was the first person to come up with the idea of having a movie completely immersed in the idea of a robot love story.  This idea joined two of his favourite elements, space movie genre and giving life to inanimate objects. ”What if mankind evacuated Earth and forgot to turn off the last remaining robot?" After explaining his idea, Docter did additional work on it for a couple of months in 1995 but decided to move ahead with Monsters, Inc. as he was unsure of telling a love story. Despite this Stanton continued to play with the story.
Wall-E is self-sufficient and free, and therefore enjoys his programming even though it’s a monotonous, dirty job. Status means nothing to him and Wall-E’s environment reflects back to him his value and importance. 

Wall-E was chosen because it was an easy way to educate, not only children but also adults, about environmental problems and what is may come to, although overly exaggerated.  
The design of WALL•E came from Luxo, Jr. and a pair of binoculars that Stanton was playing with at an A's baseball game. He noticed that he could demonstrate emotions such as happiness or sadness by just moving the binoculars, or the eyes, up or down - that it wasn't necessary to have other parts of the face like a nose or mouth.
This idea was expanded upon because despite coming from a question it was a good idea. It would be killing two birds with one stone. It would be teaching people about environmental issues and in the end it would be a great movie that is still watched eight years later, so they are still consuming money from the movie. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Scott - videos



Scott - programming

Today we experimented with our robots that we made out o lego and a battery. There are multiple moves that you can make your robot do by changing the degrees, which way it is turning and how long it will move for.
We were asked to make one of three shapes: a square, a circle or a figure 8. All advancing in difficulty.
My partner and I chose to start of fairly easy just to see how well we were at programming the robot. So we chose to do the square first.
This was the programming that we used to make the square.

We then tried to make the robot form a circle.
This was the programming we used to te make the circle.